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Greetings Customers,
While everyone should still be using great caution in all they do, our doors are open, we are all stocked up and we’re ready to help sanitize your pool and spa water. 

There are many new steps we’ve taken to ensure your safety while in our store, but if you feel more comfortable with dropping off your water sample we have a new procedure for that too.

Feel free to call or drop by for all the new updates. Welcome back to the fun side of the world. Let us help you enjoy your pool or spa this summer.

According to the CDC...

There is no evidence that COVID-19 can be spread to humans through the use of pools and hot tubs. Proper operation, maintenance, and disinfection (e.g., with chlorine and bromine) of pools and hot tubs should remove or inactivate the virus that causes COVID-19.

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Enhance Your Health

For hundreds of years people have been using hydrotherapy – the use of water to restore or maintain good health.

This is a ritual that dates back before the ancient baths.

Alcazar queen's bath, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Hot tubs were developed to enhance one’s lifestyle and improve their health. Soaking on a daily basis increases blood flow, stimulates healing, and relaxes muscles. 


Below are just a few more reasons you should consider a hot tub for your own well being.

*Keeping your body temperature elevated by soaking in a hot tub may help fight off colds and viruses

*A 20 minutes soak will help you fall asleep, and achieve a deeper nights rest, according to the National Sleep Foundation

*Eases pain associated with Arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia 

*Perform low-impact water workouts to ease your joint pain

*Soaking reduces inflammation and muscle tension – in turn, improving range of motion 

*Reduces pain when you are injured or sore

*Stress and Anxiety relief 

*Decrease blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure, according to The New England Journal of Medicine

*Increase Vitamin D intake by exposing more of your body to sunlight throughout the year with an outdoor hot tub

*A free massage when you want, as long as you want

That last one alone should be a good enough reason for anyone! But also knowing how beneficial soaking in a hot tub can be, is all the more reason to own one!

Stop in to Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation to see the latest in hot tub technology.


Good Things Come in 3’s…3 Seats that is!

American Whirlpool 451 

 –This tub is perfect for those smaller patios, decks or backyards-

With it’s dimensions being only 64″x81″, you can fit it almost anywhere!

Best of all, it has the quality and top of the line features that American Whirlpool has to offer.


SmartTouch Control

Intuitive SmartTouch control panels are easy to read with animation allowing you to control the hot tub with the tap of your finger. You can change the temperature, adjust lighting or control your massage. Unlike your smart devices, this control works even when wet!

American Whirlpool has been designing the world’s most comfortable hot tubs for over 40 years!

Performance Seating

Performance Seating™ means AMERICAN WHIRLPOOL® has the most comfortable spas in the industry. Each seat is designed to provide full body immersion and proper posture. The shape and dimensions of each seat are designed to the curvature of the spine which provides correct posture, reducing stress on your lower back.

Foot Relief Zone

The ingenious Foot Relief Zone® targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with  streams of water that provide a complete massage for relaxation throughout the body.

Pictures can only show you so much, so why not stop in to Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation and see first hand what this little hot tub has to offer!

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