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It’s Finally Pool Season!

Get your own pool Above Ground Pool today!

It’s always an exciting time of year, the first really toasty day makes us all wish we could jump in the water.  

So what are the options for above ground pools?

There are a bunch of things you need to think of before you’re really ready to purchase your pool. 

The first thing you need to consider is space VS users and users VS activities.  

If you are planning on starting a water volleyball league you might want to consider a much larger body of water or it will get a little too cozy.  However for a single person doing water aerobics an 18′ should do nicely. 

The next thing to consider is round or oval.  

You can get lots more water in a round pool given the available sizes, an 18-33 pool may sound huge but is only 25.5 round when you average the two dimensions.  

Another big thing to consider is the installation cost of oval pools can be more than double the cost of a round pool.

Bigger isn’t always better.  Larger bodies of water are going to require larger amounts of chemicals to keep sanitized.  This is why we don’t just sell 33′ rounds to everyone.

The traditional style of above ground pool will last the longest possible placed directly on flat ground.  

Burying a traditional above ground pool will shorten its lifespan.  Even if the manufacturer does warranty it underground it’s almost impossible to change the liner without something falling behind the wall and causing a permanent dent.

Did you know you can completely bury a very special type of above ground pool named an Optimum Pool?

Optimum Pools are a different type of constriction all together.

They are comprised of two layers of aluminum with a hard foam core.  They are extremely strong and outlast traditional rolled wall pools by sometimes more than double.

Weather you are thinking about getting a traditional Above Ground Pool or thinking about getting creative with your backyard and fully or partially burying your pool the experts at Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation have the answers to help you get things done right