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Charcoal VS Gas

Let’s take a second and try to answer the age old question.  

“Is it better to get a Charcoal Grill or a Gas Grill.”

To really determine what grill is truly best for you, you first have to figure out how and what you cook and what really sets the two grill types apart.  Most of the time if you ask someone you know they will tell you that whatever they have is truly the best, but their cooking style and food choices might be a lot different than yours.  For instance, if you’re a chef from a 5 star restaurant, you will have very different styles of cooking than someone who’s kitchen talents peak at minute rice.

What truly are the differences between Charcoal and gas Grills?

Let’s start with the positive notes of each grill style and begin to narrow the field a little.

Charcoal’s Pros

People have been cooking with wood since the dawn of time.  Charcoal is basically wood that has undergone the process of pyrolysis, a fancy way of saying it’s been exposed to very high heat in an oxygen free chamber.  This leaves you with just the carbon, which is way cleaner to burn and easier to package.  


You wouldn’t expect to put 87 octane gas in a race car and win a race, don’t expect to get inspiring culinary masterpieces with cheap charcoal.  Nelson’s carries Primo Charcoal, but I recommend using it in ceramic grills like the Primo because you close all the air ports after cooking and it goes out.  You can reuse the charcoal for half a dozen meals.

You can smell the distinct and magical smell of a charcoal grill from blocks ways! 

Charcoal grills can be amazing, especially if you get a high end version like one of the Primo Grills. They are constructed of a thick ceramic surface that provides a convection type cooking feel like a brick oven.  Primo Grills are very well sealed and it’s easy to control the temperature.  These grills also provide very long burn times at low and controlled temperatures allowing for slow cooking of Briskets or Roasts.

Charcoal’s Cons

Traditional cheap steal grills have been know to give charcoal grilling a bad rap.  It can be difficult to keep the temperature under control and it’s hard to have an even cooking surface.  If you’re looking to be happy with your grill it’s true that you get what you pay for.  The charcoal signature flavor can be a blessing but it also can be overbearing in some cases.  Depending on what you are cooking some foods can pickup too much of the smoked flavor.  This can be limiting on what flavors you can get out of your grill.

Gas Grills Pros

Gas grills come in all shapes and sizes.  There are lots of fun options you can get on a gas grill.  No matter your cooking style you will be able to find a way to sear up your favorite meals.  Radiant cooking surfaces provide direct heat in a very controlled manner that is unique to gas.  

The flame and burn method of burning gas creates more moisture than charcoal making it easier to keep you meat more moist.

Gas grills can be equipped with smoke boxes, a small cast iron box you can fill with wood to get you desired smoke flavor.

You can get an enormous grill surface with a relatively even temperature for not a ton of money.  Like anything, you get what you pay for.  If replacing your grill every 5 year doesn’t bother you than grab a cheap grill and sear away!   If you want to make a purchase that you can pass onto your grandkids then look into an Angus Grill From Bull Grills.  They have a lifetime warranty and are built like a tank.  

Bull Grills have really done their homework making a truly awesome grill!

Truth be told, as long as you buy a high quality grill you’re going to have fun making memories with friends and family for a long time with no real troubles.  If you want to get a little more in-depth in your cooking and experiment with flavors and cooking styles you need to weigh out what parts mean the most to you.