Swim Spas for Your Home

Swim Spas are amazing for Exercise  Relaxation Therapy 

Swim spas are amazing for exercise, relaxation, and therapy. Reap the benefits of a swimming pool in a fraction of the space and at a fraction of the cost with a swim spa.

Garden Leisure Premium Swim Spas

Garden Leisure Premium offers a variety of high-quality American made hot tubs and swim spas. They also proudly practice “Green Manufacturing”, meaning they use recycled materials where possible. They care and it shows in the quality of their products!

The models we currently offer are:
 – Party/Exercise 13’
 – Premium 13’
 – Premium 17’
 – Premium 19’

Choose from the following colors:
 – Coastal Grey
 – Mocha
 – Black
 – Espresso
 – Gray

Some of the top features include:
 – Stainless Handles
 – River Jets
 – Comfortable Seats

Order Your Swim Spa Today!

Call Nelson’s Hometowne at 608-758-4444 to order your top quality swim spa. Garden Leisure hot tubs and swim spas are a practical fit and the perfect addition to any outdoor space!

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