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From legendary Viking Cues

Located right in Middleton, WI, we have the Crimson Storm! Lay siege to the competition with this fierce feature is for the toughest drengr! Drengr is Old Norse for “valiant”, or “gallant”, making you feel like a true warrior. Vikings in their time were considered master builders, and craftsmen. So Viking Cues have given their brand its due diligence in making sure their cues are built to the same quality. Paired with this master-crafted cue is the Wings cue case from Outlaw. Outlaw products are made right in Lafayette, CO. Outlaw cases are made to look rustic and rugged, to simulate the look and feel of the Wild West. In conclusion this featured bundle will make you feel like a nomadic-warrior, ready to swoop in, take your victory, and move on to your next conquest.