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Coming from New Zealand with we have the phenomenal Warrior Kapene from the legendary Shot! Darts. Laser-etched with intricate tribal patterns used by the Maori people of New Zealand, the word “Kapene” translates to “Captain”. With a name like that, this tantalizing set says it’s made for leaders among men! Made with 90% tungsten, and black titanium-coated, these darts have a cool, mysterious look to them, guaranteed to make you the envy of the competition. Joining this stunning set is the equally eye-catching Shot! Black Ink, Ta Moko dart wallet. Continuing with the tribal look, Ta Moko is the Maori saying for “permanent mark” or tattoos. Tattoos are a sacred practice in Maori culture, and are considered a right of passage from childhood to adulthood. I felt this collection was an amazing way to symbolize the significant increase of people who identify as Maori, since their steep decline in the 19th century, to their amazing revival. Today almost 1 million people in Polynesia, identify as Maori, and I wanted to honor such an amazing feat with this featured collection!