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USA Made

USA Made Product Feature

Buying American made products is a great way to keep our local economy thriving.  

The comfort in knowing that your purchase helps keep American jobs alive is very important to most of us.  

Here at Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation we are proud to display a large variety of USA made product lines.

All four of our Hot Tub and Swim Spa lines are made right here in the USA.  That means they are loaded with American made quality.  This means you’ll be able to get faster order to delivery times, better product support from the manufacturer, and fast parts and service from certified local repair centers.

Saunas are a great way to help keep your body healthy.  Increased blood flow and release of toxins are just a few of the benefits.  

Not to mention the relaxation of taking a half an hour in a warm, peaceful mood lit room all to yourself!  

Finnleo’s line of custom Saunas are made right next door to us in Minnesota.  This means a quick build to install time and once again the beauty of American made craftsmanship.

Nothing says summer and friends like Grilling in your own backyard.  It’s a huge sense of pride to be able to showcase your cooking talents for your friends and family.  Imagine buying a grill that will last the rests of your life.

Nelson’s offers multiple great ways to make your backyard a culinary dream!

Bull Grills are made in the USA and are truly amazing grills.  They are made of very high quality stainless steel, feature unparalleled cooking surfaces, and are backed by a lifetime warranty.  

Primo Grills are tons of fun to cook on.  Their thick ceramic grill shells give you a convection type feel while cooking.  They feature powder coated cooking surfaces allowing for easy clean up and have such accurate cooking temperatures you could literally bake a cake in it!

So if you are dreaming about that perfect backyard, please support your local business – Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation – and buy American made!