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Enhance Your Health

For hundreds of years people have been using hydrotherapy – the use of water to restore or maintain good health.

This is a ritual that dates back before the ancient baths.

Alcazar queen's bath, Seville, Andalusia, Spain

Hot tubs were developed to enhance one’s lifestyle and improve their health. Soaking on a daily basis increases blood flow, stimulates healing, and relaxes muscles. 


Below are just a few more reasons you should consider a hot tub for your own well being.

*Keeping your body temperature elevated by soaking in a hot tub may help fight off colds and viruses

*A 20 minutes soak will help you fall asleep, and achieve a deeper nights rest, according to the National Sleep Foundation

*Eases pain associated with Arthritis, Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia 

*Perform low-impact water workouts to ease your joint pain

*Soaking reduces inflammation and muscle tension – in turn, improving range of motion 

*Reduces pain when you are injured or sore

*Stress and Anxiety relief 

*Decrease blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure, according to The New England Journal of Medicine

*Increase Vitamin D intake by exposing more of your body to sunlight throughout the year with an outdoor hot tub

*A free massage when you want, as long as you want

That last one alone should be a good enough reason for anyone! But also knowing how beneficial soaking in a hot tub can be, is all the more reason to own one!

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