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Cook like a Pro with Pro Quality Tools

Grilled pork steak with vegetable on the flaming grill

Let’s face it, cooking is way more fun when you have fancy tools to use.  Whether it’s your first time heating up Mac’n’Cheese or you have been a Professional Chef, having the right tools for the job does make the job easier.

The right grill for what you cook is a big deal.

Having a grill that is capable of a variety of jobs helps you show off your culinary genius.  

For instance, last weekend I cooked a Pork Butt for 14 hours at 150 degrees in my Primo Oval XL and transformed it into a tender juicy pulled pork that tastes more like baby back ribs.

Primo Grills are a great way to cook over charcoal or wood and controls your temperature like an oven.  However, if you’re looking for a great way to cook over gas you need to check out an Angus Grill from Bull Grills.  With a lifetime warranty, thick stainless, and infrared back burner you can create amazing meals and never have to replace your grill again.

Nelson’s carries a full lineup of grilling accessories like high quality stainless hand tools, Grill baskets, LoofLighters (a true must have!), and so much more.

Stop in today and browse their great selection of Grill Islands, Grills, and Grilling accessories.

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