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Your feet deserve a break

Your feet deserve a massage

The answer to your foot pain problem could be right in your own backyard!

A good foot massage not only feels great, it’s therapeutic.

Our poor feet really take a beating on a daily basis. We stand on them most of the day and some of us suffer from poorly designed footwear in the name of fashion.

 According to the Harvard Medical School, 3 out of 4 Americans will suffer from some foot ailment during their lifetime. 

The ancient art of Reflexology, otherwise known as “Zone Therapy”, is a practice that began in China over 5000 years ago. Reflexology involves massaging certain “reflex zones” in the hands & feet to stimulate positive energy channels in other parts of the body.

When your foot is under stress, blood flow is limited. Just like any massage, a hot tub foot massage improves circulation, allowing blood to transport oxygen and nutrition to cells. Waste and toxins are cleared. As stress is relieved throughout the foot, the flow of blood increases

Why not incorporate this with hydrotherapy?!

There’s nothing quite like the power of warm water and hydromassage. Just as your shoulders, back, and legs benefit from this soothing pressure, you can use these same tricks to revive fatigued feet.

 Hot tub reflexology is the method of undergoing a reflexology treatment or session using the properties of the spa water. People who suffer from foot pain, lower back pain and neuropathy in the legs often turn to reflexology treatments to relieve pain.

Everyone’s preference on the amount of pressure they prefer for a massage varies widely. Garden Leisure and American Whirlpool hot tubs offer foot jets that you’re in control of. You can adjust the volume of the water flow that feels right for you. Once you select your customized foot massage setting, just sit back, relax and enjoy the sensation as you revive your tired feet.

American Whirlpool Foot Relief Zone

The ingenious Foot Relief Zone® offered in the American Whirlpool hot tubs targets the upper and lower parts of the feet with streams of water that provide a complete massage for relaxation throughout the body. It’s like a spa treatment for your feet!

Choosing the Right Hot Tub…

When shopping for a hot tub, look for seating that is designed to coordinate with foot massage jets to help relieve sore and tired feet. You will want to actually sit inside the hot tub you are considering to ensure you can comfortably reach the foot jets while in a seated position.

Stop in today to Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation and find yourself a Hot Tub that not only makes your feet happy, but your wallet too!