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Get Your Pool Before They Are Gone

If you have been thinking about getting an Above-Ground Pool, you will want to reserve yours NOW!  

This has been a strange year for all of us.  The tides of product availability have been hard to predict. 

The largest manufacturer of Above-Ground Pools resides in Canada.  COVID-19 has made it difficult for the manufacturer to get raw materials to build the pools. It also takes longer to get them across the USA border and then to the pool stores.

Every year, US based distribution companies (the companies that supply all the pool stores) make a massive purchase for the next years’ pools based on the past few years’ sales.

This years demand for Above-Ground Pools is WAY higher than anyone could have predicted!

We have already been alerted to low or no distribution inventory on multiple pool sizes.  This usually doesn’t happen until the very end of the season.  Above-Ground pools are selling out right now!

Nelson’s Hometowne Recreation has been pre-purchasing pools as fast as we are capable, to help as many customers as we possibly can! However, there are only so many Above-Ground Pools made per year and they are almost gone!

If you want an Above-Ground Pool, you have to buy/reserve it now or you may not be able to get one until next year!

We have Financing available – Reserve your pool today! 608-758-4444 

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